Digital Workflow for Blood Donation

More Security

Easy to use mobile apps increase the reliability of the blood donation process. A configurable system provides support for donors and doctors in processing anamnesis data and detecting risk factors. diwoBlood reduces mistakes and omissions in the medical evaluation, cuts down the post-production effort and minimizes the blood product waste.

Less Paper

Donors and doctors get easy to use clinically proven mobile apps. diwoBlood offers not only an easy collection of personal details but also an evidence- and rule-based processing of data. At the end of the blood donation process the medical staff gets an electronically signed PDF document for archiving and all relevant data in a machine readable structure for further electronic processing.

Proven Technology

diwoBlood is based on the software E-ConsentPro which has been tried and tested in the daily clinical work thousands of times. diwoBlood consists of modern software modules and offers apps for iOS and Android. Data security is guaranteed through strong encryption and in addition no personal data is stored on the mobile devices. Please contact us for further information.

"We were able to prove the maturity of diwoBlood in three parallel tests. They especially showed the very good stability of this mobile solution. Donors, doctors and our staff can handle every station with ease and already are aware of the benefits of a software-based process control. It’s not possible any more to forget data input and the system supports our users actively during data entry. (...)"

"I want to thank the EclipseSource team for the timely, flexible and reliable implementation of the project and for their ongoing support. We are very glad to have chosen your company. We really appreciate the high degree of expertise in your team."

Steffen Lemser, IT Manager
Blood Donor Service of the Bavarian Red Cross